British & Irish Lions

The British and Irish Lions Tour is a Rugby Union Spectacle. Select players from the Home Unions of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales unite every four years for a tour in the Southern Hemisphere. This takes the team to Australia, South Africa or, like the upcoming 2017 Lions Tour, to New Zealand.

The British and Irish Lions tour first began in 1888, after a successful Cricket Tour paved the way. In 1888 it took the British Lions 7 weeks to travel to New Zealand. This year the Lions will achieve the same journey in little over a day.

In a break with format, The British and Irish Lions have previously taken on other near by countries while on tour. This includes games against Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), whilst in South Africa, and Fiji while in New Zealand.

Britsh and Irish Lions Iconic Jersey

The iconic red jersey has been a staple for the British and Irish Lions for over 50 years. Before this, the Lions strip went through a number of changes, including changes to the core colours of the Jersey and the Lions Crest. On occasion this has lead to controversy, as each of the National Unions wanted to be represented within the colours of the Lions Kit.

The British and Irish Lions Kit and Emblem does more than unite the team and the national unions they come from. Fans across Britain and Ireland show their support with a range of Replica Kit, Supporter Shirts, Rugby Balls and other accessories. This selection of Lions merchandise is set to be as popular as ever during the 2017 British and Irish Lions Tour to New Zealand, where the Lions Jersey will be just as sought after as an All Blacks Shirt, all available from Rugby Factory Shop.

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