Mouthguards are a compulsory piece of equipment in many sports. This may be because contact and high impact is expected, for example in Rugby and American Football. It may because the equipment used has the potential to cause significant damage, as in hockey or lacrosse. Or it may be because the head is an actual target, like in boxing.

Mouthguards can protect against dental damage. And when you can get protected for under £10, getting protected is a far lot cheaper than paying for repair! And although there has been some debate around it, manufacturers still tend to agree that wearing a mouthguard can protect against concussion. This is down to the separation and cushioning provided for the molars.

There are two main sorts of mouthguard. Boil and Bite mouthguards are affordable and easy to fit. They are available with varying levels of protection and in a few simple steps they can be moulded to fit the wearer. Boil and Bit instructions are always easy to follow, helping you get a secure fit. There are also non-boil options which are designed to accommodate braces while still providing protection.

OPRO Mouthguards Custom Fit mouthguards are manufactured especially for the wearer using a cast of their teeth. This customised fit is far more secure and offers fantastic levels of protection. Custom Mouthguards more expensive, and there will be a delay while you wait for your personalised guard to be manufactured. However, you can also have your own custom design added to your gum shield such as your name, bright patterns or gold teeth! It’s a great chance to add a bit of personality to your kit as well as enhancing the protection you receive.

If you’re selecting a mouthguard for your child, note that most junior models are designed for children around 7-9 years old. Obviously, this will vary depending on the brand and the child, but a general rule of thumb is that children aged 10 and above move on to a senior mouthguard.

There is no set time for when you should replace your mouthguard. Younger players, whose teeth are more likely to be moving, should look at changing their mouthguard every year. Any players with braces may also need to replace theirs more regularly to accommodate movement. Older children and adult players may not need to replace their mouthguard each year, but should stay aware of the fit and how much the guard has worn down through use and replace when necessary.

    Our favourites:
    - OPRO are a firm favourite for mouthguards. They offer great levels of protection and a range of designs for juniors and seniors. Click Here for more from OPRO
    - Gilbert are one of the biggest names in Rugby so it’s no surprise they have some great mouthguards. We particularly like their junior models with funky fang designs. All of our Gilbert products can be found here