Adidas Rugby Boots 2016
Year after year, Adidas Rugby Boots come out on top. Paul O’Connell, Dan Carter and Pascal Papé are just a few of the big names who rely on Adidas for performance, power and endurance, and thousands of other players follow in their footsteps. But will the latest Adidas Rugby Boot collection stand up to the challenge?

This year we see a big move around in the Adidas Rugby Boot family. There's a new choice when it comes to top models and we're saying a sad farewell to the eye catching black and yellow designs of 2015 we loved so much. This year we’re greeted with a lot of black and red. Or Shock Red and Core Black, in true Adidas colour naming tradition.

For the forwards among you, the trademark Adidas KakariAdidas Rugby Boots 2016 boots are more versatile than ever. The adiPOWER model features a Ground Control sole plate to enhance traction. The Light model uses an especially thin and lightweight synthetic upper. The whole design is fantastic for players in the back row just waiting to break from the pack. And all of the Kakari models have been redeveloped using scrum-mapping analysis. This gives Adidas the chance to optimise support and traction in key areas.

If you’re looking for speed, then the Adidas Malice could be for you. The Malice uses a Sprintframe soleplate which is engineered to be responsive to your powerful sprint. And the Predator Malice is back with its asymmetric lacing which is ideal for kickers. Why is this asymmetric design so good? Well quite simply, the increased surface area is ideal for striking the ball and improving both accuracy and energy transfer in your kicks.

Adidas are building on successful models, tweaking them and ensuring they deliver the performance their players demand. The fact that they always look so good is an added bonus! It means even the window shoppers among us can enjoy Adidas boots!

What do you think of Adidas’ Rugby Boot designs for 2016? Is there a pair you are really excited to try out? If you've already had a chance to test the new range, why not let us know how they hold up, or share your recommendations below!